The consultancy division represents the Leadership Roundtable’s commitment to provide direct assistance to dioceses, schools, and Catholic organizations across the country.  Quality practitioners available through the Leadership Roundtable’s membership network representing the highest caliber professional talent are retained to provide expertise in planning, problem-solving, and execution in the areas of management, human resources, and finance.

Ongoing partnerships with senior Church leaders and senior executives from the world of business, including McKinsey & Co., 3M, and JP Morgan, offer privileged access to the professional expertise of the laity in determining solutions to complex problems in temporal affairs for the good of the Church.  Through its select group of skilled men and women, the Leadership Roundtable is able to combine sound management technique and expertise with an acute sensitivity to the needs of local Churches and Canon Law.

Since 2006, the Leadership Roundtable has worked side by side with bishops, the boards of Catholic nonprofits, diocesan officials, school administrators, and the leadership of religious orders in a variety of different engagements to imagine and implement solutions to pressing and difficult problems. 

Examples of the Leadership Roundtable’s work

In schools
After the terrible hurricane that beset Louisiana in 2005, the Archbishop of New Orleans courageously decided to reopen the schools of the archdiocese at a time when even the public schools were not in a position to welcome back students.  The Archbishop wanted to open the doors of the schools to everyone, and not simply to those who had been enrolled prior to Hurricane Katrina.  The archdiocese suddenly found itself in the immediate position of having to manage a drastically altered demographic landscape, dramatically reduced resources, and a manifold increase in enrollment.  Through a unique partnership with McKinsey and Co., the Leadership Roundtable was able to provide on-the-ground assessment, and developed a long-term strategy to maintain the viability of the schools which includes uniform accounting systems, operational scorecards, and coordinated purchasing mechanisms.  The archdiocesan schools now represent a benchmark in financial operations throughout the United States.

In the diocese
A complete assessment of the administrative needs of a diocese in New Jersey resulted in the professionalization of key areas in the bishop’s cabinet.  The identification of quality directors of human resources and technology, and the training of a lay chief executive officer has provided an unparalleled level of efficiency in chancery and diocesan operations.  By 2011, millions of dollars will have been saved thanks the implementation of forward thinking business plans.

National initiatives

Strategic portfolio management
In November of 2009, the Bishops of the United States were presented with a dynamic plan to protect diocesan financial resources and ensure economic solvency during the current period of economic volatility on account of the recent recession.  Through the Leadership Roundtable’s membership network, dioceses are able to secure access to the top asset managers for the most effective administration of their resources during this time of instability.  At the same time, bishops are provided the discretion and independence necessary for effective stewardship of diocesan finances, robust mechanisms of due diligence, and candid advice and support in the conscientious exercise of apostolic governance.

Coordinated procurement
In November of 2009, the Bishops of the United States were presented with a dynamic plan to coordinate their purchasing as a powerful tool to reduce costs on a planned, thoughtful, and efficient basis.  Through a unique relationship with partners who have already implemented coordinated procurement for the largest successful businesses and for the US government, the Leadership Roundtable is able make a significant money-saving option available to dioceses and Catholic organizations nationwide.

For more information on strategic portfolio management or coordinated procurement, contact the Leadership Roundtable.